Heat Head Coach Expectations

  1. Set the pace for spiritual growth and development for your athletes and coaching staff by providing a Christ-like example on and off the field/court.
  2. Recruit and supervise all assistant coaches for the high school team, as well as, the head coach of the middle school team (if applicable). Supervision includes confirming with Heat Administrative Representative each season that all coaches and athletes in respective program(s) have completed all requirements for participation with the Heat prior to allowing athletes to participate in competition or coaching staff to coach athletes in practice or games.
  3. Recruit new players and retain/develop healthy relationships with current athletes and parents/guardians, providing the best possible experience for all who participate.
  4. Maintain/develop healthy relations with all opponents/potential opponents for Heat sport(s).
  5. Schedule all games, officials, concessions, gate arrangements and practices for the season, while establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with all facility/field providers.
  6. Provide timely and effective communication to all families, opponents, officials, and fans.
  7. Protect the Heat brand and image by using only Heat approved logos and colors and cause parents, athletes, and assistant coaches to respect and follow the Heat policy on social media and unauthorized use of the Heat name and brand.
  8. Manage the budget and expenses effectively for your respective sport, keeping the entire program self-sufficient.
  9. Authorized Head Coach compensation per season is a maximum of $5,000 in total comp. (pay & mileage reimbursement). An additional $1,000 total can be used each season to compensate all assistant coaches.  If there is a middle school program, an additional $1,000 can be used to compensate the middle school coach.  Board approval is required to pay amounts greater than the authorized amounts.
  10. Manage all financials effectively for your sport, including:
  11. Confirm with acting Heat Treasurer what the current Heat Fee per athlete is and set aside adequate funds for transfer to the Heat General Fund at the start of the season.
  12. Submit a monthly breakdown of all transactions via emailed to Heat Treasurer in a spreadsheet format by the 10th of each month.
  13. Upload all receipts to the Heat website on the link at the bottom of your sports page immediately upon incurring any expense for your program.
  14. Turn in all W-9’s annually to Heat Treasurer by January 10th for all coaches, refs, umpires, etc.
  15. Timely response to Heat Treasurer or other Heat Board members if/when questions arise about transactions in the account or other matters of concern.
  16. Manage and maintain all equipment and gear for your team sport and insure compliance with National High School Federation (NHSF) rules.
  17. Teach relevant fundamentals and technique to your athletes in practices and during competition to give them the opportunity to compete at the highest possible level while in middle/high school.
  18. Annual meeting with Heat Board of Directors for season and account review, following the end of each season.

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