Board of Directors

Rusty Catlin

Kacee Fausset

Beth Fox

Bryce Fox

Steve Herndon

Quinn Mangrum

John Okken

Jim Schaetz

Ryan Scott

Kristi Scott

Each sport has a Board liaison. The liaison’s role is to communicate directly with the coach(es) regarding Heat matters. The liaison will also act as a mediator from a Biblical perspective to bring resolution and restoration should an issue arise between a coach and an athlete/family. Liaisons may be contacted directly by a family or coach for guidance. See below for liaisons.

  • Football – Quinn Mangrum
  • Track/Cross Country – Kristi Scott
  • Volleyball – Kacee Fausset
  • Boys Basketball – Rusty Catlin
  • Girls Basketball – Steve Herndon
  • Cheer/Dance – Kacee Fausset
  • Archery – Kristi Scott
  • Baseball – Ryan Scott
  • Tennis – John Okken