Required Athlete Forms

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Online Athlete Eligibility Requirements (click below) 

Note:  Online Player-Parent Participation is required to be renewed on or after May 1st prior to the upcoming season of participation and is required of all Heat sports prior to tryouts, workouts or practice participation of any kind.  Also, a Sports Physical and Proof of Homeschooling must be received and approved by Heat administration before any athlete is eligible for game participation.

Regarding the Sports Physical Form, The TN Heat requires all athletes to submit a current sports physical for their sport before any games/meets. The physical is only current from May 1 of the current year through April 30 of the following year. For example, May 1, 2023 is good through April 30, 2024 and covers that time period only. It is not necessary for athletes to submit all of the pages of their sports physical. The only page needed is the one with the “medically eligible” or “cleared for all sports” box checked, depending on the style of the form. Please only submit the one required physical page. (See example form pictured below)

Regarding the Proof of Homeschooling Form, in accordance with TN Education and what the Heat Board feels will safeguard our athletes at this time as proper documentation for homeschool status, it is required that each athlete submit documentation on formal letterhead from the legal homeschool of enrollment stating the student is enrolled and in good standing for the year of participation. Most every umbrella school is prepared to provide this documentation. Please upload this document to the Heat website online via the Required Forms heading. (See the example forms pictured below.)


(Sports Physical Example Form)

(Proof of Homeschooling Example Forms)