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Girl’s Basketball End of Season Update

I just wanted to update my friends on our basketball season since several of you have provided financial support for our teams to be able to attend things like the National Tournament in Springfield, Mo. We just finished our conference tournament at MTSU this past weekend.
First our 12 girls team was in the championship game on Saturday. Almost all of these girls are playing in their first year of basketball. The team they played had beaten them really bad in 2 previous games. They lead the entire game and worked SO hard until 2 of the starters fouled out. The other players came in and fought as well but they ended up losing by 8 points. They learned a lot in that game and will now head to regionals this weekend where they are seeded 3rd.

Our 14 U team has been amazing this year! They are 19-1 for the season and came into the conference tournament undefeated. They play public school, private school, and homeschool teams They didn’t disappoint but won the championship game by 9 points. Now on to the regional tournament where they are seeded number 2. The opposing coach mentioned after the game that we just had too many weapons that they couldn’t stop them all.

Our 18 U team faced an opponent in which we had split games, we each won at home. It was a battle to the very end. We were down most of the game until one of our guards hit a 40’ 3 pointer that sealed the game. I could not be more proud of their determination and perseverance. This is a very young team with only 1 senior. They are now headed to regionals where they are seeded number 2.

So we came home with 2 championship banners and one team as runners up. The future for the TN Heat girls basketball program seems very bright.

We also had two 10 U ten teams and a developmental program for even younger players. We have a 10 U team that will be playing in the national tournament as well.

But here is the greatest part of all of this. First of all the teams we played are full of competitive yet kind players. They help each other up when they fall and play clean games. It is not unusual after games to see players from opposing teams talking and hugging each other. Also, the coaches are very good that we compete against and are full of integrity. They handle themselves well during games without screaming and demeaning their players and they are also very kind and gracious following games. It is a pleasure to get to play with such amazing people.

And finally to see the players gather on their own to pray on the court together before the game starts and then to huddle and pray and thank God after the game is over regardless if they win or lose. Just an amazing group of girls!

Pray for us as we we head to regionals and then to nationals. Blessings!

14U &18U Girls Teams Sweep MHCA Championship

This weekend was our conference tournament in Bowling Green, KY. We have 2 girls’ teams that participated, 14 U and 18 U. This is the first year for us to have a 14 U team and they came into the tournament as the #1 seed and undefeated in our conference. They swept the tournament and won in the Championship game by eight points.

2023 14U Girls Basketball Team - MHAC Champions

2023 14U Girls Basketball Team – MHAC Champions

Our 18 U team is in the second year of our program, and they also came into the tournament as the #1 seed. They played the only team that had beat them in the regular season in the Championship game. We had lost by 4 points in our first matchup, and we won by seven in the following matchup. This game was going to be a battle. We were up by only a few points at half time. By the end of the third quarter our team had blown the game open, and we were up by thirty points and never looked back winning by twenty-five points. We left the tournament with no losses and two conference championships.

2023 18U Girls Basketball Team - MHAC Champions

2023 18U Girls Basketball Team – MHAC Champions

Our team’s philosophy is that we have the power to create our own story this season, but it is “our story for His glory.” Our players operate out of a culture of JOY (Jesus First, Others Second, and You Last). We honor God both in victory and defeat. Our job is to play the hardest and the best that we can, have a Christ like attitude toward teammates, the other team, and the referees, and be gracious in victory as well as in defeat. We either win or we learn. He blessed us in these games with victories and now we offer praise back to Him! God is good!